Performance licence available for your school or college's annual recital.

The ballet is set in a fantasy desert kingdom where the Princess Katya is imprisoned by the evil alien Gargassons and their servants the Kemistas. She is hiding her adopted son Prince Jared from the Chief, who will not allow boys over 8 in the Harem. Boys over 8 years are taken away to be slaves or recruited as more Gargassons. The story has a variety of characters ideally suited for class groupings and also allowing older children to support younger children’s stage experience, from children playing in the palace to various creatures of the desert kingdom including baby tigers and night pixies. Princess Katya is looking to escape when she falls in love with the Slave Hasim who promises to help her with her plight. Hasim rallies help amongst the slaves to eventually overthrow the evil regime.

The performance can be choreographed and adapted to suit all levels from Beginners to Vocational and can include Adults and children alike. The 'ballet' can be traditional classical or more contemporary and free form dance to suit student’s abilities. Allowing students to enjoy and explore the drama and charm of the music through dance and movement is the key aim here, resulting in a production to delight children and parents alike.

The potential to include performing to a live youth or community orchestra is also a possibility.

Educationally, the story teaches the values of triumph over oppression through working together, whilst the involvement of the children in a full scale production designed to suit all ages working creatively together is an experience that should enrich any taking part. The Hidden Prince can also allow for virtuoso performances by seniors or returning guests that have moved further afield in performing arts.

Artistic Direction and choreographic guidance can also be included in an expanded version of the licence.

A video clip is available here